Online Podium is a user friendly web platform on which any Event Organizer or Producer from RN Macedonia (after they will register and apply for an Event Organiser), regardless of whether it is a legal entity (theatre, opera house, cinema, music or film production) or a natural person (independent artist or performer), in an easy way, without prior knowledge of web programming, can organize a physical or online event (with a description and the exact date of the event), create different types of tickets with prices, sell the tickets, and when the time comes they can perform the event, exactly as they have described it.


If you are not an Event Organizer or Producer, do not despair, Online Podium exists for you as well. Visit us, register, find your event, reserve a seat, buy a ticket, and follow the event online from your home, or with your physical presence at the event on site.


Online Podium is a proprietorship of ELEKTRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR DOOEL Resen, a company engaged in the creation and development of e-commerce and social platforms.


Also, Online Podium is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the RN Macedonia within the framework of the Annual program for financing projects of national interest in separate areas and cultural activities for the year 2022.


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